Fredericksburg, Texas fine artist, Keely Corona began her career in decorative painting after receiving her degree from San Angelo State University with a concentration in Fine Art.  Keely paints commercially where she transforms the ordinary home or business into the extraordinary with her keen eye for color and design, she eases her clients' minds and has earned her a position as a well respected and highly sought after decorative painter throughout the Texas Hill Country and beyond. In 2006, Keely decided to began studying old master's style of canvas painting and to commit herself to the challenge, she set her first solo art show a year after beginning to paint where that night she sold 17 of the 27 paintings on display. 


Keely's deep connection to the Texas Hill Country began early in her childhood when her mother remarried, the grandson of the late renowned architect Alfred Giles, opening the doors to her deep appreciation for nature. Although she didn't make the connection at the time, she now refers to this time as, finding her soul connection to God. During these early years of adjusting to a new family and life, Keely remembers sneaking off into the pastures of the 13,000 acre Hillingdon Ranch, pretending she was an indian on horseback with her sketchbook in hand, where she bore her soul in sketches of life and the landscape around her.


She now deeply understands,  "This is what connects me to God. I found a way to express what I experience. I am so grateful to be able to share my paintings with others who can see, feel and connect with what I experience around me. The more time that passes I feel I have become just the holder of the brush and conduit for the creation of the work." 


Keely's paintings are now in private art collections in homes and offices across the country, as well as several publications including February 2014 Southwest Art Collector Issue. Keely has had many one-woman shows past and present and been invited to several regional and national shows including the honor of having three of her paintings juried into The Museum of Western Art Collector's Classic in Kerrville, Texas. If you get the chance to go to one of her shows or step into her studio gallery, you will be amazed and in awe, with this multitalented artist's ability to see and render her visions on many levels, with her works of art ranging from representational still life, tonal impressionist landscapes to abstract.